In fall of 2005 Curtis Ambulance acquired Medix Ambulance. Currently Curtis Ambulance is doing business as Medix in the localities that Medix Ambulance services. These locations include Burlington, Town of Delavan, Delavan, Kansasville, and the surrounding areas. This division operates private calls; ALS intercepts for several communities 911 services, first response Paramedic 911 services for a large section of Walworth County and a wheelchair van service. Medix is the primary service for many medical facilities in these areas such as Southern Wisconsin Center and Mercy Walworth Medical Center. Currently, the division has 24/7 Critical Care Paramedic transport available, and operates with some of the most advanced protocols in the State of Wisconsin.

Medix Ambulance Service provides 911 and medical transport services throughout Walworth, Racine, and Kenosha Counties. We staff Critical Care Paramedic, Paramedic, non-paramedic ambulances, and a wheelchair transport van.

Medix Ambulance Service works hand in hand with medical direction and surrounding communities to provide quality and compassionate care to every patient. Medix provides non-emergent transport services for a number of local nursing home facilities and hospitals.

We have about 50 employees including office staff and mechanic.

As part of out team, Medix provides the highest quality of care, working side-by-side in the field with Mercyhealth’s MD-1 physician response program. Working on-scene with EMS Physician’s provides us with an extra resource most EMS agencies are not privilege to.

In conjunction with Medical Direction, Medix provides in-house refresher training applicable to WI EMS licensure and NREMT.

Medix employees’ our own full time mechanic with a large shop, located at our Burlington, WI office.


Station locations

Burlington Station – S. 642 Kane St. Burlington, WI


Delavan Station - 811 Ann St. Delavan, WI