Our Team


Medix Employees

14 EMTs


14 Paramedics

12 Critical Care Paramedics

1 Wheelchair Van Driver

1 Mechanic

With in our team consists of

Operation’s & Assistant Operations Managers

3 Shift Supervisors

11 Field Training Officers

1 Training Officer


Josh: Critical Care Paramedic/FTO/Supervisor

Bob: EMT 


Cadey: Paramedic


Charlie: EMT


Jason: AEMT


Jennifer: EMT


Jess: Paramedic


Jon: Paramedic


Justine: AEMT


Marlon: AEMT


Nikki: Critical Care Paramedic


Rick: Paramedic


Ryan: Critical Care Paramedic



Stephanie: Paramedic


Scott: Critical Care Paramedic


Scotty: Paramedic/FTO/Training Officer


Clint: AEMT


Paul: Critical Care Paramedic


Zach: EMT


AJ: Paramedic



Matt: Paramedic


Matt: AEMT



Kelly: EMT


Mitch: Paramedic